Introduction – What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is open source software written in PHP you can use to create a gorgeous website or blog. It just is also the simplest and most versatile blogging and web-site content management system (CMS) for beginners.
This 5-minute video provides a fast introduction to WordPress and demonstrates why it’s the most standard web publishing platform Today.
Covered in this video:

  • What is WordPress?
  • A brief history of WordPress.
  • Why it’s much more than a blogging tool.
  • The power of “Open Source.???
  • How WordPress works.
  • Six reasons to choose WordPress.
In non-geek speak, WordPress is internet publishing software you can use to make your own website or blog. Since it absolutely was released in 2003, WordPress has become one in every of the most well-liked internet publishing platforms. today it powers nearly 30 % of the whole internet — from hobby blogs to a number of the biggest news sites online.
That’s as a result of WordPress is an Open source many of us don’t notice that WordPress is way a lot of simply a blogging tool. It’s truly an extremely versatile content management system (CMS) that permits you to make and manage your own website using simply your browser. better of all, it’s fully FREE. project. which means that many volunteers from all around the world are perpetually making and improving the code for the WordPress software. And, there are thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes that modify you to make close to any sort of web site you’ll imagine.

Who uses WordPress?

You’re in the sensible company if you utilize WordPress to publish on the web. several known blogs, news shops, music sites, Fortune five hundred firms, and celebrities are using WordPress.
For example, known blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch are each on WordPress. News shops just like the New York Times’ blogs and CNN’s on-air personality blogs all use WordPress, too.
If you’re ever curious about who uses WordPress, head on over to the WordPress website showcase and you’ll be impressed by the number of well-known sites and known people using WordPress to power their websites.

So, how does WordPress work?

Since the earliest days of the web, websites are created in programming languages like hypertext mark-up language, PHP, and CSS to format text, create page layouts, show pictures, and so on.
Your browser then reads this code, decoding those tags to render and show the content of a specific web content.
But today, you’ll install the WordPress software on your own web server in about five minutes. Once put in, you’ll log into your website using your favorite browser, and so use an easy editor to form web content — while not having to find out the way to code. There area unit even hosting firms like and others who install WordPress for you and modify you to start building your website with simply a number of clicks.

There are many reasons WordPress could be a nice alternative to building your blog or business website.

  1. First of all, WordPress is the Open source. which means that there are thousands of individuals all around the world who are constantly working to improve WordPress. and since WordPress is associate open source project it’s also fully FREE.
  2. Second, it’s incredibly versatile and extensible. There are thousands of plugins and themes that modify you to simply amendment the complete look of your website, or perhaps add new options sort of a list, pic gallery, or an internet store.
  3. Third, it’s simple to use and learn. You don’t have to be compelled to hire an online designer whenever you wish to create a tiny low modification to your website. Instead, you’ll simply update and build your own content — while not having to be told a way to code. In fact, if you recognize a way to use the essential info tools in a very program like Microsoft Word, you’ll edit your website.
  4. Next, if you run into issues, otherwise you wish to add custom options, it’s simple to search out support or hire somebody to assist you. additionally, to the WordPress tutorials on this website, there are thousands of WordPress developers and designers who will assist you. The official WordPress Forum could be an excellent place to get answers to your queries.
  5. WordPress is additionally SEO-friendly. Right out of the box, WordPress includes everything you would like to confirm that your content is optimized for search engines. this can be important to your site’s visibility and online success. Matt Cutts of Google says, “WordPress is created to try to SEO well
  6. Last, you’re in control of your own content. alternative publishing platforms limit what you’ll and can’t do on your own website. And, you’re locked into it service. If it should ever stop working, your content may simply disappear. With WordPress, you’ll import your content from alternative systems like Blogger or Tumblr. And you’ll conjointly simply export your knowledge to move far from WordPress, do you have to select. You’re in control of your site… and your content.

Is WordPress right for you?

If you’re trying to find a simple tool which will assist you to make your own website or blog not having to learn a way to code, you’ll love WordPress. And, you’ll notice that WordPress is incredibly versatile, with thousands of themes, plugins, and support choices to make sure that your website can still grow with you in the future.
We hope this has been usefuland that we look forward to seeing what you’re able to build with WordPress!

How do I get started using WordPress?

Now you’re probably asking, “how do I get it????
WordPress is free. Yep, that’s right – it’s 100% free.
WordPress can be downloaded for self-hosted installations from or it can also be used as a hosted service via
So, what are you waiting for?
Go get WordPress today to start creating your awesome website.