WordPress could be a powerful platform used by bloggers, writers, small businesses, and many others. it’s most admired for its skillfulnessand potential for personalization. There aretons of themes you’ll be able to use to make your website and unnumberable plugins for implementing variedoptions.


  1. Elementor Price: Elementor started in 2016 as a free web site builder plugin. Since then, a professional feature was value-added, with prices starting from $49 to $199 for a one-year membership. The free version has all the core features, and you’ll invariably upgrade for additional advanced modules.Use: you’ll use ready-made templates provided with the builder and customize them to fit your wants. it’s a front-end web site builder – which means that you just don’t have to be compelled to use code to customise your web site. Elementor is very lauded for its interface, that runs quick and doesn’t cause you to wait because it renders the changes into a live preview. It additionally has associate autosave feature which might build your work much easier.
    Community and Support: The Elementor Community Facebook cluster is flourishing. it’s a politician support cluster, administered by the Elementor employees. There square measure tutorials on the web site. there’s conjointly an intensive documentation out there. If you would like specific troubleshooting, a support price ticket will solely be submitted by paying users.
  2. Themify Builder Price: you can get the Builder light at no cost. Also, you’ll get the Themify Builder alone for $39, or associate degree extended version with fun and fancy add-ons for $59. It’s a one-time fee. If you would like to own access to the Themify theme library, further as Photoshop files and plugins, you need to become a Themify member. the costs for membership range from $79 to $399 looking on the license you select. If you get a Themify WordPress theme, the Builder will be enclosed as a part of the theme.Use: There ar a couple of simple layouts enclosed within the Themify Builder – you’ll use them as a starting point. you’ll build changes carry on your web site, dragging chosen modules wherever you wish them. A severe downside is that you just can completely lose your content if you ever deactivate the plugin.
    Community and Support: If you become a member of the Club, you’ll get access to Themify themes and to the community, forums and support.
  3. WP Bakery (formerly Visual Composer)

    Price: WP Bakery costs $45 for lifetime access to the builder and lifetime updates – on a single site. There is also a plan for website designers: $245 of lifetime access, provided it is used in a single SaaS application.
    Use: In WP Bakery, you can make front-end and back-end changes to your website. The builder comes with a free template library, which you can use without limits. WP Bakery is compatible with many WordPress plugins and can be used to modify any theme. Some users report that using WP Bakery considerably slows the loading time of their websites. This builder is also buggier than the others described here. It uses shortcodes, so it might be difficult to preserve your website if you stop using the builder.
    Community and Support: WP Bakery has become famous as the most popular drag and drop website builder. But as it is usually bundled with popular themes on Themeforest, this is undoubtedly a part of its popularity. The support is available for six months after you purchase the license. You can also join the community on Slack for more user-to-user help and inspiration.

  4. Beaver Builder  

rice: The Beaver Builder is that the priciest of all the builders mentioned. you’ll be able to make a choice from 3 annual plans with pricesranging from $99 to $399.
Use: Free templates area unit enclosed within the Builder to help you begin performing on your web site. The drag and drop feature works seamlessly, albeit it takes a moment for the changes to            appear. The Beaver Builder doesn’t use shortcodes, therefore it’s doable to preserve the markup language though you stop exploitation the Builder. The editor mode allows internet designers to              disable some functions for the editors of the page.
Community and Support: The Beaver Builder is employed by several internet designers, and is enclosed by an oversized community. you willget annual skilled support together with your order.

     5.  Divi Builder

e: you’ll be able to either get a yearly license for $89 or lifetime access to the Divi Builder plugin for $249. A license provides you access to all or any Elegant Themes layouts, themes, and plugins. In our opinion, this can be the most effective cash for value deal.
Use: The Divi Builder offers various, varied modules, that you’ll be able to drag and drop – and watch the changes go live instantly. it’s the foremost esthetically appealing and unassertive interface of the builders mentioned. together with your license, you get access to the Divi Theme, that is steam-powered by the Divi Builder and has many excellent options, and plenty of different themes. Divi supports thirty two languages. It can also be used for split testing to urge the foremost economical version of your website.
Community and Support: Divi features a fantastic community of web developers and Divi lovers, World Health Organization create impressive websites exploitation the Divi Builder. There square measure many Facebook teams wherever you’ll be able to share your Divi expertise with others and obtain galvanized. Divi offers additionally intensivedocumentation: an oversized info of tutorials and videos explaining the additional esoteric aspects of operating with Divi. And you’ll be able to use the official support as long as your license lasts. it’s forum primarily based, with Divi specialists responsive each question at intervals twenty four hours.
Even if you know theoretically, what a drag and drop WordPress web site builder can do, it may still be Hard to choose without having used any of them. The good news is, you can try out the builders which don’t have free versions using the demo versions.

What are the most important features a web-site builder must have? And if you’ve already tried some of these – which one is your favorite?